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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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pushed back. caltrans made the announcement just a few hours the much awaited implosion of a bay bridge pier is being pushed back. caltrans made that announcement just a few hours ago. thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm anne makovec. michelle and frank have the afternoon off. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward joining us live at caltrans bay
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bridge office in oakland with the explanation. jackie, what's going on? >> reporter: well, anne, caltrans started this whole press conference with that unexpected news of the implosion being rescheduled, plus now they have to wait for slack tides to occur. caltrans is calling the scheduled implosion of the largest of the piers of the former bay bridge an incredible milestone, but the anticipation has to wait. >> our contractor and the quality control, quality assurance process that we have, for the explosives, it didn't meet our spec and we just said nope. we're sticking to our plan. >> reporter: the six-second series of under water charges is the result of two years of research by a team of engineers and environmentalists. hundreds of small charges will be set off microseconds apart to set a smaller shock wave. >> what we're trying to do is peel back the concrete. that's what this blast plan is for to peel back the concrete so the structure no longer
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supports itself. and then gravity is what does the work. >> it would have taken over four years to build a covered dam and removed this pier just with mechanical means. instead, we're doing this in about 6 months. >> reporter: caltrans says their plan is the most innovative sustainable way to protect the environment. during the implosion, three boats and five stationary buoys will be monitoring the water quality and various biological monitoring programs will ensure the safety of the sea life but experts chose november specifically because of the lack of fish in the bay this time of year. during the weekend of november 14th, recreational boaters have been asked to stay away by 1700 feet. plus weather, wildlife and tides are all things to be considered. live in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. new at noon, all lanes are now open on southbound interstate 880 after a crash involving a big rig and two other vehicles in san jose.
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it happened at around 8:30 near brokaw road. nobody was injured but as you can see there, the collision sent that big rig across all four lanes and into the center median. that crash created a traffic nightmare at the height of the morning commute. all lanes were shut down for more than an hour and a half while crews cleared the freeway. also adding to the track problems, a fatal crash about 20 minutes later involving a motorcyclist. that motorcyclist was killed in a collision with three other cars on southbound 880 in milpitas just north of highway 237. two southbound lanes were temporarily closed. a crash on the peninsula left a bicyclist dead this morning. that happened just before 7 a.m. on page mill road near christopher lane just outside of palo alto. chopper 5 was overhead as chp officers investigated. they say it looks like a black volkswagen golf collided with a bicyclist in the intersection. that bicyclist was pronounced
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dead at the scene. a crash critically injured a jogger. that man was hit by a car near hyde and post streets at 5:30 a.m. witnesses tell police that jogger may have crossed the intersection against a red light. the driver remained at the scene. an east bay driver is in the hospital this morning after his car was riddled with bullets on i-80. the man was driving last night near san pablo dam road when somebody started shooting at him. four bullets hit the car critically wounding that driver. >> it's hard to say what could have happened at this point. there's so many options that you just don't know what could have been out there so could there have been a break in traffic? could there have been a million witnesses? we don't know. >> police are hoping the man who was shot will eventually be able to give them a description of the suspect when he wakes up. until then, they are asking witnesses to come forward. san francisco police hope this newly released surveillance video will help them find a homicide suspect. cameras captured that man walking near the scene where 60- year-old mark garcia was killed
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on october 1. garcia was attacked near a coffee shop at bush and van ness streets. investigators believe that suspect may work in construction. today is election day in parts of the bay area. and some of the most contentious issues are on the ballot in san francisco. one of the most controversial is prop f to limit short-term rentals to 75 days a year. it sparked a battle between fair housing activists and airbnb. voters will also be watching prop i closely the proposal to put a temporary moratorium on luxury housing for at least 18 months. and sheriff ross mirkarimi is being challenged by former interim sheriff vicki hennessy. kpix 5 will be watching election results this evening. head to to stay connected. california will likely be voting next year on whether to legalize recreational marijuana. kpix 5's kiet do with more.
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>> reporter: there are about a dozen ballot measures out there to try to legalize pot for personal use but some people think this one has the funding and support to go all the way. you may already smell it. but for the first time ever, nate bradley of the california cannabis association says he can taste the change. >> long-time coming for the state. >> reporter: a new initiative to make california the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana essentially regulating and taxing it. >> is california ready for this? >> think, well, yeah, they are definitely -- it's not going to change much because the reality is people smoking pot now will keep doing it. >> reporter: if passed the act will allow adults 21 or older to walk into a state licensed store and buy up to an ounce of pot. >> the only way to protect our children is to make sure that we have a system that makes sense. it makes no sense today to allow the children of california to have easier access to marijuana than they do to alcohol. >> reporter: jason kinney is
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the face behind the measure. he says while this initiative is one of more than a dozen measures being ready for the 2016 ballot it's the only one backed by a quote broad coalition of people from tech billionaire parker to a physician from sacramento. >> he is not alone. he has a lot of physicianing and environmentalists and social justice groups and business leaders who are all supporting this. this is a big tent measure. >> reporter: backers claim the measure would potentially generate $500 million in taxes a year. in their estimates, washington state generated close to $300 million in 2014 and $530 million in 2015. numbers opponents say don't justify legalizing a drug that they call a gateway to more dangerous drugs. if this proposal passes it would also allow for you to grow up to 6 marijuana plants again for personal use. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> you may remember last summer lieutenant governor newsom predicted on national tv that
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pot will be legalized next year. other bay area headlines. traffic changes could be coming to san francisco's busy powell street. today city transportation officials will look at an 18- month pilot program to allow only mass transit taxi and commercial vehicles on a stretch near union square. the goal is to make the area safer for pedestrians. cyclists who want to pedal across the eastern span of the bay bridge will have to way a few months longer. the "chronicle" reports the new section from the tower to yerba buena island will be delayed until at least the summer of next year. that's because of some issues with the design. the bike path extension had been slated to open in early 2016. one of the tiniest lots to ever go on the market in san francisco history has sold. it is a 914-square-foot sliver of land in glen park sandwiched between two homes. no bidding wars here.
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it was listed in september for $199,000. and just sold for $165,000. what a bargain, huh? an incident on a flight to l.a.x. has led to claims of racism. cbs reporte jericka duncan says it started when passengers were asked to switch seats. >> the flight attendant was rude. >> reporter: cell phone video shows law enforcement officers responding to a male passenger on board a spirit airlines flight monday night. according to airport police, the man was upset that he and a fellow passenger had to surrender their seats, which spirit apparently double booked to another passenger. [ yelling ] >> you got a problem! >> reporter: spirit offered them other seats toward the front of the cabin but the couple apparently insisted the switch wasn't fair. >> proceeded to tell the man he must switch. he must take the assigned sir. after he said that, he said you need to get off the flight.
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>> reporter: according to a police report, five other passengers on board began questioning why the couple was being removed from the plane. when a flight attendant told them that they were beginning to disrupt other passengers, they too were escorted off the plane by police. >> i'm humiliated by the fact that, you know, you hear about this type of stuff happening in america and, you know, discrimination issues and stuff like that but to actually experience it firsthand -- >> spirit issued a statement saying the passengers quote, became unruly and were causing trouble with other passengers. the flight crew asked them to stop and when they did not, they were removed from the flight." a flash of light may be the clue to the fate of a crashed jetliner. what investigators are focusing in on in the search for the cause of the tragedy in europe. >> and a mother finds her 7- year-old handcuffed at school! what happened next that made her even more angry. >> one of my favorite things to forecast is the clear conditions after the passage of a cold front. the air, it's clean and fresh.
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the visibility is unlimited. i have the full forecast from our kpix 5 weather center and that's coming up right after the break.
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and the number of people in your household. information you probably know off the top of your head. enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st taco bell marketing directo caught on camera attacking an uber driver. t company has fired developing news about that taco bell marketing director caught on camera attacking an uber driver. you see it there. the company has fired benjamin golden after viral video shows him punching and pulling a driver's hear. taco bell said given the behavior of the individual, it is clear he can no longer work for us. the company also recommended he get counseling. reporter tina kraus says investigators are now looking at an image picked up by a
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satellite on the russian jetliner crash in egypt. >> reporter: flashes of heat were detected by satellite when the russian plane broke in midair and crashed in the sinai peninsula. investigators will need to determine if the first splash was an explosion in a fuel tank or engine triggered by a mechanical failure or terrorism. isis militants say they brought down the plane after it left the resort town sharm el-sheikh on saturday. but they didn't detect any missile launches in the area. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with the bbc, egypt's president called the isis claims propaganda. investigators hope they can figure out the cause of the crash once they analyze the jet's voice and data recorders. they will be listening for sounds of an explosion or evidence that any of the plane's critical systems malfunctioned. in st. petersburg, where the plane was headed, relatives have started identifying the remains of their loved ones.
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the process could take weeks. most of the passengers were russians, flying home from vacation. tina kraus, cbs news. >> in egypt, the u.s. embassy has extended its travel ban on staffers to include the resort town of sharm el-sheikh as a precaution until the investigation is complete. a plane makes an emergency landing with the help of a parachute this morning in clinton, arkansas. investigators say the plane developed engine trouble after take-off and a driver captured video of the plane as it drifted on to a road near the airport. three people on the plane including former walmart ceo bill simon were hurt. one person on the ground had minor injuries. a mother's concern turns to outrage as she finds her 7-year- old son handcuffed at school. police say the child was kicking and refusing to sit down. they say they restrained him so he wouldn't hurt himself or anyone else. crystal mcfadden shot this cell phone video showing her son's hands cuffed behind his back.
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when she demanded police release him, she said they told her they couldn't find the key. >> you put my son in handcuffs and you don't have a key? what sense does that make? >> she said her son has adhd but is not violent. police in michigan are investigating that incident. an amazing story of survival in the pacific ocean. four south american fishermen are recovering after drifting for a month. mexico's navy picked them up on saturday after a plane spotted them in the water. they were fishing off the coast of ecuador in late september, ran out of fuel and began drifting. they are now being treat for dehydration and will recover. taking a closer look at our weather around here, boy, much calmer day than what we saw at this time yesterday. roberta? one of my favorite elements in forecasting weather is, first of all, you have the much- needed precipitation, the cold front, and then on the wake of it on the passage of it you have a lot of cool air mass that drifts in. when that happens you get such fresh conditions such clean
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air. the visibility is under limited. temperatures in the 50s and 60s . these are my bffs, our weather watchers. and they are reporting temperatures in the 50s and 60s from the coastline all the way into our inland areas. we have been picking up a breeze. we'll increase out of the northwest up to 15. right now in antioch, jerry wilcox is reporting a wind up to 11. boy, did we get some pretty pictures sent in to us after yesterday's rain, last night. michael from oakland sent us in this picture from the back of his boat. you never invite us on your boat, there, michael! that's a beautiful scene. that was last night. and here we take you now to today. taking a look at our live weather camera, this is the scene looking out towards san jose where the visibility at this hour is unlimited. the air temperature is fresh. we have numbers pretty much stacking up right now in the
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50s and 60s. we have 59 in pacifica to 63 degrees in livermore. meanwhile, santa rosa at 63 degrees. and the winds are calm in that particular area. meanwhile this is the scene looking out from the mount hamilton area in the santa clara valley. san jose elevation about 85 feet. this is 4300 feet and lots of clear skies. this is the scene of the university of california berkeley looking towards the bay waters where currently, we do have an air temperature standing in the low 60s. very mild temperatures. winds have been increasing, however, as we saw from jerry wilcox out of the northwest about 11 miles per hour. high pressure is building in on the passage of the low. it's called a pressure gradient. that's where we're picking up northwesterly winds later today and you couple that in with temperatures in the 60s, going to feel a little raw towards the evening commute, something we haven't felt in quite some time. 56 going up to 64 in sacramento. by the time the sun sets
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tonight at 5:09 we'll have realized slightly below average temperatures for the year, 60s. 60s beaches, 60s bayside, 60s around the peninsula, 69 degrees. then we'll hang on to the stagnant weather pattern each and every day. we'll bump up the clouds on thursday with the passage of a trough north of us. it's autumn in the bay area. >> feeling more like november with the cool temperatures we saw this morning. >> i like it. >> me, too, thanks, roberta. taking a look at the big board this morning, stock market is looking up 122 points at noon. good news there. a bizarre plan to eliminate trash at ocean beach. what park rangers have hauled away trying to keep the area clean. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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posting signs warning people about attacks from aggressi raccoons. san francisco animal control is posting signs warning people about attacks from aggressive racoons. over the past weekend, a couple of tourists from ireland had to be treated for rabies after being attacked. it's the second incident in the richmond district in just the past two months. animal control says the best way to avoid the problem is to make sure your trash bins are sealed and do not leave pet
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food outside. and on the subject of trash, park rangers are trying to create a unique plan to alleviate trash at ocean beach in san francisco. the plan is to actually get rid of many of the garbage cans. it sounds counterintuitive but the park service hopes if there's no place to put trash, people will take it home. they say they did the same thing at baker beach and it worked so well, they made it permanent. a reminder if you have a consumer problem, or question, email our hotline at 888-5- helps-u. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, i am totally blind.
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